Too hot to trot on Monday morning.

aka too hot for the treadmill.

I managed some very light weights, then pressed on for forty lengths in the pool.

I confess to not handling this heat very well.

A look at the long range forecasts suggests that it will all come crashing down as we’re celebrating School’s Out for Summer.

Hey hoe.

Daisy and Dotty are suffering as well.

Each have found their own special place to try and capture an air flow for their sleep.

Daisy May

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For Daisy this means on the bedroom attic floor; Dotty is sleeping during the day Gawd knows where. She comes back covered in crap and seems quite content.

The daytime work was steady.

I caught up with some Word in Your Ear podcasts.

Kenny Jones is well worth an hour of your time.

I tried to read some of the detail in the Lambeth Cabinet report for next week.

It was a stats heavy read.

I gave up after five minutes.

Work got a little busy early evening.

Anna buggered off back to Sunny Stockwell.

The Google sheet for Estuary Wilds / Sunny Stockwell / cat sitting is looking interesting for the next week or so.

Sun on mud #WeirdWiv

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