A big old morning down in SE17.

But first, what about the bloody Estuary Wilds cats?

Time and tide has thrown us all out of sync. The summer daylight means that I am restless by 4am. Daisy and Dotty didn’t know what had hit them when I came to wake them up.

I turned on the radio.

Oh – there was that football match last night, wasn’t there?

I had momentarily forgotten all about that.

My leisurely morning routine then became a bit of a mad scramble as I tried to make the 6:57 back to Sunny Stockwell.



Make up.


I had enough time to publish the Buzz piece all about the BOLLOCKS of Full Council Amendments.

Lambeth Labour amends Green party Motion calling for estate regeneration residents to be balloted

Very childish, Comrades.

I was at LS by 8am, and then a Brompton bicycle ride over Ldn Bridge for a well-timed SE17 arrival.

This morning was all about the school play.

School play time. Hurrah!

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I stress more than the students, tbh.

My tripod was set up towards the back of the hall for the video content. I snapped away on the not so trusty f717, with a back up f717 in case it failed.

It didn’t.


The play was ACE.

It has been embargoed online until the final performance on Monday.

I did a few more photos around the school, and then cycled back to the flat shortly before luncheon.

In Lidl News:

It’s still LYCRA WEEK at Lidl. Not my actual legs #Stockwell #SW8 #LIDL

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Bike Week again, innit.

Begging emails for domain renewals were settled.

I then had a run of work shifts through until 5pm.

I caught up with some Gilles Peterson. The Larry Heard special is well worth a listen, House Heads.

I had a mad clean up of the South Lambeth Road lavender garden.

No used condoms, natch, but my BUTT has finally run dry 🙁

Bang on cue and the Sunny Stockwell pony and trap trotted down South Lambeth Road at 5:30pm.

We once used the Concorde flyover as the alternative way of telling the Transpontine time. I rather like the idea that we have travelled back in time with the pony and trap now keeping us on time.

Out went the shout of:

“To The Oval!”

Oh Lordy.

So yeah. On the piss in the OCS #3feathers

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The ‘rrey had a t20 Slog Fest against the bloody Essex SLAPPERS.

Anna rocked up fashionably late after finishing her corporate gig.

An extremely rare His ‘n’ Hers jolly at The Oval #3feathers

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It was great to catch up with all the old korfball / cricket crowd: Red Maz, t20 Tony, Lewd Vicky. They were all there.

It all became a little BOOZEY.

#Transpontine Skies

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Hey hoe.

Chin chin.

Stop that, @opope32 😯

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