A fresh bicycle ride into the gym early on Wednesday morning.

The fields were ashen and the skies were bruised.

Something has to give.

Down by the Muddy Banks #WeirdWiv

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That something wasn’t West Ham Wanker.

I asked him in the changing room what time we were meeting later in town for the rather ‘lively’ England celebrations / commiserations.

For once Mr Wanker was short on words.

A brief gym session, and an even briefer swim.

It still felt ACE.

I had work shifts all morning back at base.

The Rock and Roll Routemaster with @RobertElms on the Second Summer of Love is well worth catching up on.

Thirty years ago, you say?


PMQs passed, as did more work shifts.

I put on my Buzz head and bashed out a run of pieces to cover us over the next few days.

Lambeth Council refuses to publish documents explaining why the Great Wall of Brockwell is needed for the 2018 Country Show

A little more work, a little of the Kent Vs Gloucestershire t20.

And then you know what.


Just like me.

I’m on the 6:57 in the morning back to Sunny Stockwell.


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