A big old Estuary Wilds run to kick start Tuesday. But not as long as I had hoped for.

The clock was counting down to the 8am work shift. I had 1km left on the 10km route, with three minutes to spare.

This ‘aint gonna happen, is it?

I cut short and logged on in time for my 8am start.

Daisy was being WEIRD.

I was working in the library. She made a bolt for the library rug and hid underneath it for the next hour.

Early work was put aside. I had a few chores to run around town.

These included haggling for some BOOZE in the Coop.


CHAMPION #chinchin

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This wasn’t supposed to happen. I put in my basket what appeared to be discounted bottles of Porter.

But they weren’t discounted at the till.

I politely stood my ground and got the expected price.

Haggling for BOOZE at 10:30am.

Now that’s what I call a life skill.

Lambeth Council has no idea how much money it spent working on the Field Day and Mighty Hoopla Brockwell Park applications

A brief Buzz post was published, and then it was all about the full on afternoon social sim.

This was a BIGGIE. It was longer than the usual sessions we run. The storyline was a cracker.

The cats slept through it all right next to me.

Work on other clients went through until 10pm. I managed to catch a little of the France Vs Belgium semi.

Who is playing tomorrow?

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