The morning after the night before.

Actually it was more or less still the night when Dotty got me out of bed at 4am.

Hey hoe.

The rest of the morning was a little on the slow side.

I rummaged around in the loft trying to locate the Italia ’90 top.

No joy.

But some absolute BEAUTS instead.

30 years of hurt, etc. Now too big for me #nffc

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Brian Rice, Highbury away ‘88, innit #nffc

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The Robert Roassario relegation kit #nffc

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Don O’Riordan designer kit

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Colin Wanker Wembley away day chunder shirt. Oh dear

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Anna fessed up later in the day that she swiped the Italia ’90 top a quarter of a Century ago. She’s no idea where it is now.

Cheers, Anna.

I caught most of the England t20 match.

Endless school editing and publishing then took far longer than it should.

Backlogs for both SE17 and SW9 were cleared.

Three more school days left and counting…

We watched two days of Le Tour highlights. Stage 1 was brutal.

And then work shifts from early evening all the way through until the end of the day.

Tricky Skills’ Shandy Army, etc.

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