Twenty glorious lengths down at Lake Brockwell to begin Friday morning.

I’ve adjusted my swimming routine to add an extra hour on. Up an hour earlier, and then start the lido day at a leisurely pace.

It’s working out rather well. The lanes are relatively empty just after 7am. I then get to do my stilly arthritic stretches poolside, rather than the chore of last thing at night.

Rubber? Seriously? 24 degrees at Lake Brockwell #lidolove

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The water temperature was a BONKERS 24 degrees.

Talk about a pea souper, etc.

It wasn’t as cloudy as I was expecting. Midsummer usually means that you are swimming in a pool of washed off suntan lotion.


But the Brockwell blue is holding strong.

There was some outdoor yoga taking place in the old toker’s corners.

But OF COURSE there was some outdoor yoga taking place…

It all looked very chilled. At one point I thought that the instructions were to fall asleep.

Swimming and stretching ticked, I then cycled through Camberwell and onto a school day in SE17.

I’ve had a few worries in recent days about an SE17 issue that I really shouldn’t be worried about.

Within the first five minutes of arriving I was reassured by the BEST Head Teacher ever.

Love that school.

And then it was all about Sports Day.

Oh Lordy.

All Key Stage 2 spent a roasting morning outdoors doing the Sports Day thing. It was great fun, if a little scorchio.

I spent most of the afternoon processing various images.

After school came the Summer Fair.

It’s No.1 of two for me over the weekend. SW9 is coming up on Saturday morning.

Busy old season.

I need to type here that I stopped off to see Bob – he of Bob’s Bikes – on the bicycle ride back to Sunny Stockwell.

In Mini Moulton Tyre News: apparently they are somewhere in the country, but not yet in SE17.

The Korfball Surrey Cricket Whatsapp group then held a conversation about the possibilities of BOOZE at the t20 later in the evening.

What have we come to that on a BALMY summer evening with no work in the morning, and Surrey strutting out at The Oval, and we are debating who is going to be drinking?

Having said that… I remained teetotal for the t20.

I just wasn’t up for it. I’d rather watch the cricket.

Just another Oval evening with @surreycricket #3feathers

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Surrey should have been over the line against Kent with an over to spare. They managed to cock it up in spectacular style.

News of the Brazil defeat broke towards the end of the game.

It’s Coming Home broke out around the old ground.

I’m kinda excited about tomorrow.

I’ve had no personal attachment to the England team since the days of Des, Psycho and Young Nigel.

At a push I couldn’t even name the current starting eleven.

And so which mug has booked himself on a train back to the bloody Estuary Wilds just when the second half is about to start on Saturday?

Oh dear.

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