A pleasant surprise early on Thursday morning: cat poo in the litter tray.


It’s been a while since Daisy or Dotty gave us the opportunity to run the poop scoop through the litter as the first task of the day.

Gawd knows where they are shitting.

[Actually I do know. Set up a self-styled ‘wildlife garden’ dear neighbour and don’t be surprised when the call of nature comes knocking.]

My poo powers of deduction pointed the finger at Daisy.

Dotty never got to grips with the litter tray.


Her past efforts have led to the littler being emptied all over the floor.

Good morning tired eyes

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I was delayed as I made the mad rush for the train back home to SW8.

A wardrobe malfunction didn’t help.

A box fresh new white T was lovingly ironed the night before.

The morning after revealed that some of the gunk had spewed out of the iron and on to the now not so box fresh white T.


The train journey into LS was spent BALLS DEEP reading a Lambeth Scrutiny agenda.

Way to go, Jase.

A few emails were exchanged back and forth between SE17.

Never underestimate the value of a BRILLIANT Head Teacher.

I made it back down to Sunny Stockwell at a leisurely pace on the Brompton.

Phew Wot a Bloody Scorcher, etc.

Boy Y greeted me:

“Sir, you’ve trimmed your beard. I know about puberty.”


It was a strange old SW9 school day, but very decent all the same.

A brilliant group of volunteers from Big Company Z had very kindly volunteered to build a sensory garden for the students.

It was a bit like Challenge Anneka.

I spent most of the school day in the scorching SW9 sun capturing the build.

The volunteers did a brilliant job. The end result was a beautiful sensory garden for the students – all built within one day.

I made the short cycle back to South Lambeth Road.

My own green fingered activity took place with a trimming of the bush.

Plus a little tidying up of the Sunny Stockwell lavender garden.


It has BLOOMED since I was last here a fortnight ago.

The American fella from the basement flat came out for a chat. He is very knowledgeable about tennis.

He then lost it when he started to bang on about the “British” football team.

I was too hot and bothered to pull him up on this.

Way to go, dude.

A brief LIDL run.


BIKE WEEK #Lidl #Stockwell #SW8

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I snaffled a pair of cheapo cycling shoes and a couple of tops. I still had change from £30.


And then an evening of editing school content took me through until late in the evening.

Sports Day tomorrow afternoon in SE17 🙂

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