An early start to Tuesday to try and squeeze in a run ahead of the 8am.

But first of all – where’s Dotty?

Bloody Dotty.

Her last sighting was around 10pm the night before. I was too tired to go out wandering to try and drag her in.

Daisy meanwhile was flat out for the count beside me in bed.

But still no sign of Dotty at 6am.

Cat’s are a worry.

I pressed on with the run.

I took the Estuary Wilds full 10km route: along the estuary towards the Creek, a sharp left towards Alresford and then back along the road looking down on the river.


It was also a steamer this morning.

On my mind was making the 8am work start; PB’s didn’t enter my cognitive running mind as I pounded the mean streets of CO7.

Back at base and it was a bit manic.

Seconds to spare to login, and then the appearance of a very hungry Dotty.

Bloody Dotty.

Work was started.

I clocked the running time.

WOH – a new PB for this route with 9 seconds to spare.

Such small margins are what makes CHAMPIONS.

Ha, bloody ha.

I checked up on Dotty. She was fed, watered, and then acted all weird hiding underneath the duvet in the spare room.

Hey hoe.

A little school publishing mid-morning – SE17 and SW9.

I had another WEIRD issue uploading a specific image. The WP Image Library route was fine for all images, apart from one file.

I couldn’t isolate what the issue was.

In desperation I turned to the tried and trusted method of firing up an ftp client.

It felt like being back in the old ITN basement circa 1998.

This end of term run in is MANIC. More so than the Christmas period.

There’s still the possibility of a visit from that nice Mr Ofsted hanging over one of the schools before the end of term 🙁

Mid-morning work was steady.

I tried to tally up my work commitments for the next month and the rowing calendar that I have now been invited to take part in.

I’ve got three confirmed weekend rows coming up in August. I’m hopeful of time and tide syncing with some midweek work downtime.

The afternoon was spent chasing an AWOL BT order, a little Dorset Road business and still trying to confirm the South Lambeth Road business account.

Banks are rather risk aversive.

Who knew?

A little planning went into the work for Wednesday morning. We’ve got a pretty major social sim coming up.

And then Tuesday evening was a little manic on the telly client.

The t20 and football didn’t get much of a look in.

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