An 8am work shift to start the week, and then a refreshing swim.

There was little cover on the bicycle ride in along the Trail.

It was bloody steaming.

One man and his boat #WeirdWeird

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I’m still not convinced about my rear tyre on the MTB. If it has got a slowie then it has to be a super slowie.

It got me back to base anyway for the next run of work shifts.

Anna was worried about Dottie.

She has a bite from some mini beast thing in her ear.

The modern interweb said take her to the vets.

My own experience of Madam Dotty is not to take her to the vets. She pissed her pants last time we took her.

Poor thing.

More work.

A little football.

Then a lot more work.

My diary for the next few weeks has been doing my head in. I’m trying to work out where I will be and what I will be doing.

School’s out for Summer can’t come quick enough.

Mr BT emailed me telling me that the fibre package is going up.

Cheers Mr BT.

I called Mr BT and got him to keep it the same for another 18 months.

A little Dorset Road business followed.

Oh dear…

Having had the freebie eye test at the weekend I then went Full Cheapo with a pair of £12 specs online.

This was £6 more than I wanted to pay.

Monday evening was spent with a little more football, and then a crazy, crazy work shift.

My head hurts.

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