A return to the road bike on Sunday morning.

It’s been far too long.

PONCE gloves #ponce

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The tourer has become my default comfortable ride. The roadie meanwhile was getting up to no good stored away and not putting in the kms.

Back on the roadie. Chapeau!

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Various reasons are behind this.

I’ve yet to find my cycling mojo this summer. An unfortunate run of punctures has made me a nervous rider of late.

But #carbon.


And so I cleated up early and… almost fell off.

How do bloody cleats work once again?

I took it easy climbing up Ten Penny Hill.

I made it out to the lanes and away from the traffic. Now it was time to push the pedals and see if I still had it in me.

Just about, Jase.


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The route was unadventurous – my usual Estuary Wilds circular tour.

A gunshot fire on the run in from an aggressive scarecrow was mistaken for the sound of a puncture.

That’s the kind of rider I have become of late.

A serious gardening session followed.

We’ve reached the stage where everything needs a damn good tidy up at least twice a week.

But we’re rarely around for a full week.

The wisteria took a serious trim.

Anna overdid it a little with the bay bush.

My poor parched lawn didn’t get much love from the flymo.

Anna disappeared for her silly golf. I got myself cleaned up and headed out to the village fete thing taking place.

WivFunHoe, innit. Oh yes #WeirdWiv

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It was rather charming.

Incredibly low key and amateurish in the very best sense of the word. I found myself with some very decent folk underneath their gazebo enjoying a pint of some rather strong lager.

I made the schoolboy error of not doing the milk run first.

The shop was closing at 4pm and we needed supplies for the Bran Flakes in the morning.

I reluctantly made my excuses.


I caught the second half of the Russian match, and then had a random work shift.

Disco Darryl and I caught up for a Town Hall Tapes after the penalty shoot out.

I experimented with the recording wearing Anna’s Star Trek style work headset.

We had a stereo recording for once.

But it’s all about the content, right?

A little more football, and then another run of work shifts through until 11pm.

My very special girl

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