A busy old day spent running my arse around Sunny Colch, and then an afternoon indoor stint on work and football watching.

The cycle in to Castle Park Run along the Trail was remarkably still.

Sun on mud, innit #weirdwiv

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The riverside route can be a little congested at 8am midweek; this is a town that sleeps until… rather late come the weekend.


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Park run was a challenge.

The 9am heat didn’t help.

#Colchester Park Run, innit

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Some tribute band festival was being set up in the park below. This led to a change of route – the one where it is single file only along the old Roman walls.

Plus you have a bloody great big hill to climb.


I clocked a very average race time of 22’45” – twelfth in my age cat.

Colchester Park Run attracts a more mature demographic of runners…

@firstsitecolchester, innit

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We took the opportunity of being in town to stop off at Firstsite. A couple of new exhibitions opened the day before.

As ever, the art was hit and miss. Firstsite is all the better for this.

And then I-Spy: an eye test.

Aye, aye, etc.

I didn’t particularly need one, but I had managed to blag a freebie at Boots.

My my – haven’t eye tests changed since standing in an old school corridor and wearing an eye patch to read out letters.

I found the squirting of air into my eyeballs a little intrusive.

The outcome was more or less the same prescription as two years previous.

“Would Sir like to choose one of our £250 frames?”

Would he chuff.

I handed over my freebie voucher for the eye test, and then started to think about sourcing some cheapo £6 frames online.

Cheers, Mr Boots.

I unlocked the MTB and cycled on to the gym for a swim.

I was convinced that I had a slow puncture.


Don’t panic, Jase.

Enjoy your swim, and then if you do have a slowie then Que Sera Sera, etc.

The swim was decent.

I messed up on the deodorant front.

I forgot to pack my Right Guard on one of the hottest days of the year.

Oh dear.

To my surprise the rear tyre was holding its own.

#Rowhedge Regatta, innit

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Anna and I cycled on up the road for a brief stop at the Rowhedge Regatta.

It’s always weird being on the other side of the water. We are metres away from Weird Wiv, yet a 7km round trip to cross the river.

The Regatta was decent. We arrived in time to see the gigs, One Designs and then smacks all power up the high water of the Muddy Banks.

I snapped away.

#Rowhedge Regatta 2018

A walk around the stalls led to a bit of interest in signing up for a walking football team.

I’m keen to come out of retirement after 15 years.

But *walking* football?

The MTB tyre held up all the way back down the river, and then back up again as we arrived at home.

We caught the France Vs Argentina match, and then the last twenty overs in the Royal London final at HQ.

Lord’s looked LUSH.

It is very odd that the centre piece of the one day domestic game is being played in June.

After three consecutive HQ Final visits with the ‘rrey, and three consecutive defeats, I’m rather pleased that we didn’t have to make the trip to St John’s Wood once again.

Dotty brought in a frog.

Dotty then disappeared for far too long.

Dotty is a worry.

Uruguay Vs Portugal, a couple of random work shifts, and then it was all about the boxing.

Bloody LOVE the boxing.


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