Some early morning Google Cal catch up time with Anna.

It’s all about syncing the comings and goings over the summer months; it’s all about making sure that there is someone around for Daisy and Dotty in the Estuary Wilds.

We have f-ed up BIG time.


My legs were restless and itching for a run. I plodded out on what would be a very heavy run around the University.


That feels better.

Um, nope, actually.

My time keeping was poor.

I made it back to base as the beeps came to login for the first work shift of the day.

I published a brief Buzz piece.

Lambeth Council Leader Cllr Peck resists move for Labour party members to democratically elect her

It’s all democracy, eh Lib?

Mails dropped mid-morning from SE21.

It’s official: the school is OUTSTANDING 🙂

A brief post was published to celebrate this.

LOVE that school.

I had some crazy things going off with the back end of the site.

I logged out, logged in; logged back in as another user; disabled plugins.

Scratched my head.

An update to a menu item wasn’t being liked by the back end.

In desperation I logged out of my home network and went online using my iPhone.


It worked.

What the chuff is that all about?

The work rotas dropped for the next three weeks. I’ve messed up with my availability.

July is going to be a bit of bell ache tbh.

Oh dear.

Some training for the Pharma client followed late afternoon.

Crossover Ahoy with Anna’s work!

We watched the Team GB basketball World Cup match early evening.

It was ACE.

And then more work through until 11pm.


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