An early morning trip to the gym ahead of some unusually early work shifts.

Wednesday Trail #WeirdWiv

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It was hard enough finding the motivation to cycle there, let alone do the treadmill thing.

Listening to the Deserter Pubcast whilst I pounded the rubber carpet probably wasn’t the best motivational fitness audio.

It was a decent bicycle ride back to base. I clocked my first cycle tourer of the season en route from Harwich.

Chapeau, Sir!

Some hosting issues across a couple of school sites took up longer than they should.

I also had a bit of chasing to do for a South Lambeth Road business insurance claim dating back to last year.

And then work.

Plus the ACE Surrey video feed from up in Scarborough.

Knock off the 139 runs needed for a win tomorrow and the ‘rrey are looking like very strong Championship contenders for this season.

Back in the Estuary Wilds and I officially joined one of the gig rowing clubs. I knew that I was a member as my notifications went a little bonkers for the WhatsApp group.

Some VERY GOOD news dropped from SE17.

How to use up a veg box

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I demolished the remains of the veg box for my evening meal.

Work went all the way through until 11pm.

Plus a little t20 action with England.

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