Back to the bloody Estuary Wilds weekday routine.

Anna disappeared early back to S Ldn.

I was left clearing up cat sick.

Poor Dotty.

I had to stay in waiting for my Oven Man to finish off the work from last week.

I spent the waiting time editing the photos from the Serpentine Pavilion taken on Sunday.

Serpentine Summer Pavilion, innit

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My Oven Man arrived early.


Emails were exchanged about the South Lambeth Road business account.

We’re almost there. It’s only taken five years…

I cycled off mid-morning along the Trail for a swim.

In it comes, out it goes #WeirdWith

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It was a little rubbish.

The fast lanes were full of slow swimmers. I was shunted out to the wrinkly lane.

A mature lady reeking of cheapo perfume put me off my strokes.

Phew. What a stinker, etc.

Back at base and Daisy was adorable.

She is always clingy towards me when I have been away for a week or so.

Cats love Lycra

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My To Do list was cut short as I couldn’t leave her clutches.

The garden did get a decent tidy up. We’ve reached that time in the season when the wisteria needs at least a couple of trims per week.

Disco Darryl and I hooked up for Town Hall Tapes #30 mid-afternoon.

It was a little delicate with some of the content.

And then work, all the way from late afternoon to very late at night.

Hey hoe.


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