Up early on Monday for some quality time at Lake Brockwell ahead of the 9am school assembly.

And so you want some Brockwell Blue for Monday morning? #lidolove

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The winter months with the Icicles is all about doing your dip and then getting the f-out out of there.

Not so in the summer.

I need time for twenty lengths, silly arthritic knee stretches, a cold shower, social time.

It’s exhausting stuff to be honest.

But the Brockwell Blue backdrop for Monday morning was another stunner.

I could quite happily spend all day here.

…which back in the day, is precisely what I use to do.

Oh woe is responsibilities.

I had a bit of a Brockwell moment before it was school assembly time.

Sometimes we don’t have the foresight or time to take in this magical place.

I looked down towards the old toker’s corners, caught the bright blue sky, the lush green of the trees behind in the red brick walls, and then the beautiful, beautiful Brockwell blue water.

It’s all about colours, innit?

It’s only taken me the best part of a quarter of a Century of swimming at the lido to understand this.

I cycled through Herne Hill and to a school day in SE21.

The last time I was at SE21 the school was officially good.

Bloody good, if I was pressed.

And then on Monday I entered what that nice Mr Ofsted decided last week was an ‘outstanding’ school.

I can’t argue with that.

It’s quite an achievement for a school that ranges from Nursery through to Sixth Form teaching.

There was a wonderful buzz between staff. This is a team effort for all the staff who work with some very demanding and uplifting pupils.


Best do some work.

My plan for Monday was to manage the heat.

Apologies, I’m crap in hot weather.

Seven hours later and I achieved above the usual work output and still came out smiling.

What was there to worry about, Jase?

Um… typing?

For some reason I couldn’t type for toffee all day.

Fudge Fingers Ahoy!

Which was unfortunate as I had 2,296 word to bash out.

I just about got there in the end.

A late afternoon fire alarm broke up the day. It was an absolute scorcher out there in the school playground.

The temptation was to dive straight back into Lake Brockwell and stay submerged.

But I was beckoned over to LS, and on a fast train back to the bloody Estuary Wilds.

Oh dear.

The first task on touch down was to worm Daisy and Dotty.

HAI girls.

Have you missed me?

Football followed, and then we finally caught up with the final episode of A Very English Scandal which is about to fall off the back of the iPlayer.

A catching up Estuary Wilds day is coming up in the morning.

Much to do.

Back to this #WeirdWiv

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