Brockwell Blue to kick start Friday morning.


Just another Brockwell morning

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I looked up towards the Transpontine skyline for the first Instagram snap.

The damage down below from bloody Field Day is still to be seen all across the park.

I tired not to get too annoyed as I entered Lake Brockwell for a morning swim.

And won’t you just look at this:

OH Brockwell Blue #lidolove

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It was a beautiful, beautiful Brockwell swim. Twenty lengths spent in the company of friends either side of me.


I shared an outdoor shower with Icicle X.

To my surprise Icicle X spotted an earplug on the floor, picked it up and enthused about the merits of recycling earplugs.

OK, Icicle X…

I hung around for as long as I could waiting for the grand arrival of le gai penionnaire.

It was his birthday, and a birthday suit appearance wouldn’t have battered an eyelid around the lido.

But I had to do a runner for a school assembly.

I was rather exited about the school day in SW9. This was my first day wearing the new staff uniform that I have been given.

Taking the morning choice out of what to wear is the way to go.

It was a decent day in SW9.

I heard one of the BEST motivation responses from a staff member to a young dude:

“Life’s what you make it, celebrate it.”

I only clocked at the end of the day where it came from.

Good work, Sir!

Some VERY GOOD news from the SE21 school dropped towards the end of the day.

Embargoes, etc.

But WOW!

I cycled back to the flat, listened to the football and dived into a random work shift with the telly client.

And then an evening of editing and publishing school content.

Getting there…

Bloody love living here. Sunny #Stockwell #SW8

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