I headed out to Sunny Colch first thing on Wednesday morning. I had to see a man about a puncture.

My very patient bicycle mechanic man has given up on trying to teach me some DIY. I dropped off the summer MTB, and left it with my mechanic whilst I did a little shopping.

Nothing too intensive, nothing too expensive.

I needed some cell batteries for various bicycle lights and cricket earpieces.

I bought the wrong ones.

Hey hoe.

Some new gardening shoes were also snaffled – a pair for the bloody Estuary Wilds, and a pair for back home in Sunny Stockwell.

It helped that two pairs were on offer.

I did a good old charity shop trawl.

It was just about worth it for a pair of new / old summer shorts.

They went straight in the washing machine on a high temperature back at base.

I stopped off for a swim. It wasn’t exactly sprint length training.

Back indoors and a bird had shat upon my freshly cleaned windows.

This could be a metaphor for the past few days.

Some pretty urgent school GDPR mails dropped. I surprised myself in being able to answer the questions and put in place the changes across various sites.

Wednesday evening was all about a four hour stretch with the telly client.


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