A low tide bicycle ride in along the Trail.

That will be a low tide then #WeirdWiv

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Wot No Water, etc?

It was with very tired legs that I mounted the treadmill. Mondays in the gym after a Sunday in the saddle are a little sore.

In my mind I was going to wimp out of the usual gradients.

I needed a distraction.

I needed Australian netball on the treadmill TV monitor.

Add in the Baggariddim album on my headphones and it was a most strange combination.

Before I knew it the usual treadmill gradients had been completed and I was close to fighting fit.

Back at base and the bloody windows needed cleaning.

The Deserter pubcast got me through this one.

And then work.

Big Client #1 has finally calmed down.

For now.

The telly client is a little crazy.

I had a little household admin.

Mr Dishwasher / Oven Man is booked in for the morning.

Both are in need of a little love.

And quite a lot more money, I’d wager.

Some work planning for the next month followed. It’s coming round to rota publication time again. You need spreadsheets of spreadsheets.

We’ve also got another social crisis sim tomorrow. A little reading was needed around this.

Veg was collected.

Veg was eaten.

Mr @bennisonfarm delivers:

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Work went all the way through to 11pm.

I’m struggling tbh.

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