Oh dear.

I usually preface this with ‘it’s all good.’

It is all good.

It’s just bloody busy right now across all clients.

Usually our small but very functional team is stretched across one project, with a little breathing space to come up for air around others.

But a collision of social campaigns has meant that it has been full on this week.

Dotty delivered a bloody dead bird as the 8am shift was starting to get a little hairy.

Cheers, Dotty.

I didn’t have the time to deal with this.

The bird was dead.

Dotty wanted to play with it.

Whatever, luv.

@RobertElms was a calming influence.

The Cally is my Nu Fave Tune.

For this week, anyway.

I listened briefly to PMQ’s over luncheon.


A Buzz story came in that I had to turn around there and then. I confess to it being a bit of a hit and run effort.

Cllr Matthew Bennett booked in to speak at exclusive £795 Mayfair event to network with developers

The afternoon was spent in crisis simulation mode.

I was glad of the break and the chance to be on the other side of the great online divide.

It was another cracking storyline set up by the team. I had a bit of a BLIMEY moment when the actual scenario was played out for real on the news bulletins later in the day.

I dipped in and out of the England innings back at The Oval.

The old ground looked SPLENDID in the S Ldn sun.

Alexa: play From Langley Park to Memphis.

That sounded ACE.

I finally got round to publishing the SE17 school content from last Thursday. I’m very late with this one.


Requests were made to change some of the site structure as well.

Job’s a good ‘un.

And then Wednesday evening was spent BALLS DEEP with the telly client.

There was a World Cup party on next door.

I drew South Korea in the sweepstake apparently.

Hey hoe.

The anarchic garden. All coming together, innit

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