Some early morning school admin duties to kick start Thursday.

The run in for the end of the summer term is manic – even more so than the Christmas period fall in / out.

And I’m hardly around on site…

A break was needed.

That will be the 8am shift with Big Client #1.

It’s the continuing saga of the social campaign that is in danger of making the modern interweb capsize.

Loyal keyboard monkey overboard!

I popped round to see the lovely neighbour and drop off my £3 for the World Cup sweepstake.

Citizens of South Korea: I have every faith in you.

Yeah, right.

I cycled along on what felt like a very autumnal Trail.

Trying to find adjectives to describe the changing daily Estuary Wilds landscape can be a tough gig.

Not so on Thursday: DULL.

MUD MAN, innit #WeirdWiv

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It’s been a while since I have been out on the MTB. I was convinced on three separate occasions that I had punctured.


The swim felt good.

Forty lengths, some light weights and then back to base for the afternoon shifts.

I once took a University course on the Transformation of Work. The sociological analysis was highly informative.

It failed to address however that 25 years on and my own work structure would involve clocking in and out online every 30 minutes, and then playing with the cats whilst waiting for the next shift.

Back on the chain gang, etc.

Alexa: play The Masterplan by Oasis.


This is the great lost third album that wasn’t.

I picked up some surprise extra work shifts to keep me busy throughout the afternoon.

In Football, Bloody Hell News:

Daisy and Dotty didn’t quite get the idea that work = cat food.

Attention turned towards the Essex SLAPPERS at Chelmsford mid-afternoon.

The love / hate relationship with the cricket club continues.

Overnight garden friends have peeked out to say hello #WeirdWiv

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I gave the garden a good old watering early evening.

Daisy soaked up most of the output from the watering can.

A little more school work.

It’s that time of the year where JAZZ HANDS enter the curriculum across the primary schools throughout the land.

We’re talking Year 6 plays, Comrades.

The soundtrack for the top secret SE17 play was uploaded, and then password protected.

Long gone are the days where young Johnny and Jill put on Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.

A whole industry has emerged flogging off the soundtracks and stories.

I quite like the introduction of choice to the Year 6 play market.

All of them still end in JAZZ HANDS, mind.

More work shifts.

Come up for air, Jase.

Anna returned late in the day from S Ldn via Dorset Road.

Much to discuss…

Hey hoe.

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