Work, a bicycle ride, more work.

Se ya Sunday!

The 7am shift set me up for the 9am ride.

I’ve yet to really put in the kms on two wheels this season. A run of spring punctures has kinda deflated my enthusiasm for road riding.

But a free Sunday morning led to a return to the CTC Club Run.


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I dipped out of the ride into Sunny Colch and met up with the rest of the riders as they reached the top of the village.

It felt good to be back in the saddle once again. I was a little cautious as our route took a detour down a gravel path.

The mid-morning coffee break was in East Bergholt.

I had work commitments back at base, and so ducked out of the afternoon session.

Some cricket catch up, more work and Soccer Aid.

That was Sunday.

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