Something for the weekend to start Saturday morning: a haircut with my man Rasheed underneath the Academy.

Gosh, I needed that.

A number 1 all over can be the smartest crop; it can also be the most messiest if you don’t keep it all prim and proper.

It was good to catch up with Rasheed. We shared stories of Pete the Greek, and life in the barber shop from back in the day.

Not a lot has changed in the past twenty years tbh.

Hip Hop Chip Shop, innit #Brixton

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I cycled up to Herne Hill for the 9am start for Brockwell Park Run.

That bloody great BIG Wall of Brockwell is still standing.

Part of the Field Day Licensing conditions was that it would be down no later than seven days after the event.

Best get to work, fellas.

This all meant that Park Run started from a different location. The gathering took place down towards the Brixton Water Lane end of the park.

Park Run was celebrating the 70th birthday of the NHS.


All NHS runners were asked to make themselves known. They received a spontaneous guard of honour applause as they were asked to lead the race from the front.

The finish line had CAKE.

Ah – so that’s what the urgency was all about…

The different start line meant that it wasn’t long before we hit the first hill.

I felt fresh.

I’ve been BOOZE free for over a week, but existing on around five hours sleep a night.

Oh dear

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I clocked an official race time of 22’13” – 3rd in my vets age cat.

I personally know at least one of the other oldies who finished ahead of me…

New goggles ahoy! Expensive. And crap

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The lovely lido swim led to an unexpected purchase of a new pair of goggles.

I am quite organised. But somehow I managed to lose one of my FAVE pairs on Friday.

I swim, I need goggles.

That will be £23, Sir.


Super Saturday down at Lake Brockwell

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It was busy down at Lake Brockwell. I was blocked in along the rope in my lane. A Rubber Boy insisted on cutting me up each time.

An Amazing Walking Lady was adjacent.

She was wearing what looked like an inflatable body brace. Her technique was to float and walk down the lane.

It was most impressive.

The goggles were a little rubbish tbh.

Water started to leak in after eighteen lengths. I pressed on for a couple of more and then made my excuses.

Early summer usually means for me some snaps of the Lido wildlife slope, and then up the Walled Garden to see some of the seasonal magic.

The wildlife slope hasn’t had much gardening action this year. It looks all the better for it.

I took some time to look at the damage that Field Day had caused to the park as I walked up to the Walled Garden.

What a bloody mess.

I snapped away ahed of a Buzz photo piece.

And then finally I made it to the Walled Garden.


Gosh. The Brockwell Walled Garden is looking ACE this summer

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I had timed my visit to hit peak growth. The S Ldn sun was radiating on all within. The aroma was quite overpowering.

A spin around le Velo was planned. I cycled up to Burbage Road, but forgot that the track is closed ahead of the Festival of Cycling next weekend.

No worries.

I was knackered tbh.

Back at base and the hedge – that isn’t technically ours – needed a good seeing to.

Chainsaws: F-YEAH.

My handy work for the afternoon. Chainsaws: F-YEAH #SW8

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It’s a messy old job, but I bloody love it.

I’ll create a sculpture out of it one day.

I had a random work shift in the flat, and then mid afternoon I had to cycle over east to LS.

I was summoned back to *over there* on cat duty.

Oh dear.

I made it just in time to login for the 5pm work shift.

Anna was doing her silly golf thing.

The Postman Delivers: a bloody HUGE scratch pole

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I spent a little time with Daisy and Dotty and the most amazing new scratch pole that arrived whilst I was away.

More work shifts for Saturday evening, a brief Quayside walk and then the boxing.

LOVE the boxing.

Knock out, etc.

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