The Buzz Carnegie piece was pubished first thing on Friday.

Lambeth Council wants to spend an extra £1M+ on the Carnegie book-ish gym at Herne Hill

What a bloody f-up, Comrades.

And then it was back to Lake Brockwell.

I’m not sure why but I arrived feeling a little stressful and in need of calming down before a school day in SE17.

Maybe it was the school day in SE17 that was making me feel a little stressful?

This is why we swim #lidolove

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Two lengths into the beautiful Brockwell blue and all was well in my world.

A further 18 lengths later and I was BUZZING off me tits.

I did the silly arthritis stretching routine thing by the Icicles breakfast bench.

And then had to wait a short while for a spare shower.

The indoor showers in the gents are still b0rked. A new water tank is apparently arriving next week.

The al fresco outdoor shower was decent, but it wasn’t a proper gentleman’s shower, if you know what I mean.

I cycled back through Brixton and Camberwell, en route for a school day in SE17.

Woh – this was a manic one.

Yoga in Reception (chill, Jase), videoing butterflies in Year 5 and then Year 6 play rehearsals.

I needed another twenty lengths back in the lovely lido to recover.

No time for that though.

I stopped off en route back to the flat to see Bob – he of Bob’s Bikes.

The ongoing search for a new pair of tyres for the Moulton Mini continues.

Yer man is hopeful for a fortnight after fishing around on eBay.

I was secretly pleased that I didn’t have to pick up the bicycle today. I didn’t fancy walking back to the flat wheeling the Moulton and the Brompton.

A S Ldn sound clash was taking place along South Lambeth Road.

Around half a dozen cars had a sliding scale of Lover’s Rock to Roots to Dub coming out of their car speakers.

Bloody LOVE living around here 🙂

A quick freshen up back at base, and then out went the shout of:

“To The Globe”

For your viewing pleasure this evening down at Bankside was Two Noble Kinsmen.

I know nothing…

Here we are again. Goodo

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I managed to keep up with the plot.

It was an uplifting production, compared to the rather heavy Hamlet of a few weeks earlier.

I let out my first unashamed “HURRAH!” as the actors left stage of the Wooden O.

The performance finished whilst there was still a few traces of daylight.

I took a leisurely Bankside stroll back to Ldn Bridge.

I even stopped off to listen to a half decent busker strum out a rather joyous version of Half the World Away.

I’ve been playing this a lot of late, for no particular reason.

It suited the mood to end the working week.

Have a good one.

Bankside, innit

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