A return home to S Ldn early on Thursday morning.

More to the point – a return home to Sunny Stockwell and a school day in SW9.


I always have a mild panic whenever the school website is pulled up whilst I am in a class.

It has now been set as the default home page across most machines in the school.

At least it will do wonders for the traffic.

Boy Y fired up his laptop during morning ICT.

And there he was – GRINNING away on the front of the site.


I recorded a fair few items of audio throughout the day. I’ve just about got my head around using as the main work tool.

I do miss the ease of audioboom, but I couldn’t justify a subscription.

The modern interweb will end up eating itself anyway.

Year 9 were also in the audio mood. They were learning how to create multiple tracks using Audacity.

One young fella delivered a freestyle rap praising Arsene Wenger.


It was bloody brilliant.

I ended the day photographing and videoing a session with those very nice folk from Wheels for Wellbeing.

In Nu School Uniform News: #excited

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Plus I finally managed to blag a staff uniform.

It’s only taken six years…

Running Shorts Week #Lidl

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A Brief LIDL run led to some running shorts being bought.

Bloody love the South Lambeth Road garden this time of the year #Stockwell #SW8

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I managed a manic tidy up of the South Lambeth Road lavender garden, and then settled down for the evening work shifts.

I dipped into some school editing, and then ended the day with a pretty major Buzz piece for the morning.

Lovely lido coming up on Friday.

OH how I have missed Lake Brockwell.

Thursday PONCE #ponce

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