A morning of work, and then a Mad Dogs and Englishmen midday run.

You bloody FOOL!

It’s been a while since I have been out along the 10km estuary wilds route. The early spring months weren’t kind to the conditions.

It was still soft underfoot, yet overgrown along the footpaths.

I love this route. It has everything: gravel paths, slowly hardening mud tracks and then a road run finish.

As ever I was on a tight ship. It’s not that I’m SUPER busy, but I push my work timetable to extremes.

An hour until the next shift?

It takes me an hour to run this route.

I’ll leave with exactly an hour to spare.

I was a little surprised to arrive back at base with three minutes to spare. My previous PB was SMASHED.

Good effort.

Work and Surrey then characterised the rest of the day.

I dipped in and out of the Surrey live stream from back at The Oval.

Texts from Red Maz who was on the piss in the Peter May didn’t exactly help with the work focus.

Surrey felt short in the end.

They beat Glamorgan but results from elsewhere means their interest in the Royal Ldn this year comes to a close.

I’m kinda pleased tbh.

The last thing I want is another Lord’s final defeat after the past three years.

t20 starts soon…

I listened to the CBC Cabinet meeting early evening. The run of work shifts kept me away.

Welcome to the new boss, same as the old boss etc.

Although new Leader Cllr Cory seemed to carry himself rather well.

A break from work led to the lawn being mowed for the first time this season.


The patch magic has worked wonders.

I came close to mowing up Anna’s prize strawberries that are growing around the edges.


Daisy delivered me three moths in the space of fifteen minutes. They were all in varying states of distress.

A little more work, and then bed.

Back to S Ldn in the morning, innit.

They’re a right bloody pair

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