Back to the familiar Tuesday routine: Anna doing her S Ldn disappearing act, whilst I’m left on the 8am shift.

Plus cat sitting.

There was a mild panic after loading up the work tools.


Caught that one in time.

It’s all about work processes and escalation chains.

A bit of mid-morning Buzz action, and then the escape to the gym.

Green party calls for 56% cut in Lambeth Council ‘allowances’ as Labour spin backfires

It was rather chilled out there at luncheon.

Mud Man, innit

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My aching frame tried to keep up with the weights routine.

The swim soon eased out any slight strains.

I stopped off on the cycle ride back to base for a dental check up. This was my first time back in the chair after the unfortunate “we’ve got to pull you tooth out, NOW” incident.

I misheard the instructions this time of “putting your tongue up” to “putting you tongue out.”

I stuck my tongue out for around five seconds at the lovely dentist before I realised what was required.


And so it begins #courgette #homegrown

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Courgette flower photos were shared with Anna.

A text conversation followed about the forced flower mating ritual that we apparently have to undergo.


And then work.

5pm through until 11pm.

It’s all good.


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