My MacBook Air finally calmed down for the early morning shift after almost 48 hours of hyper-ventilating.

I remembered that trick that I use to do:

>Activity Monitor >Google Chrome Helper >KILL

It’s such a bloody CPU hog.

I was all set to bite the bullet and buy a new machine. I note that the Mac Developer’s Conference is taking place later today…

Mid-morning meant a trip to the gym.

GREEN #green #WeirdWiv

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I wasn’t up for this. I struggled on the treadmill and GRUNTED on the weights.

I cut my losses after 45 minutes and cycled back to base.

Grounded. Oh dear

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The green sticky thing down the side of the house had half-collapsed.

No worries – this happens every year around this time in the season. The solution is to hack it all back, and then sit back as it grows once again within weeks.

It was suppose to be a brief job, but some charming conversations with local folk passing meant that the task took over an hour to complete.

I passed the time of day talking about the relaunch of the Farmer’s Market, local politics and Dulwich Hamlet.

In Scratch Pole News:

We’ve bought a BEAST of a new one for Daisy and Dotty.

Cat up a wisteria #Wisteria

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I’ve always felt a little uneasy about them using the original scratch pole for the mad cat.

I do miss the mad cat so much šŸ™

Anna disappeared to collect the veg bag.

Mr @bennisonfarm delivers:

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I settled down for the work late afternoon work shift, running all the way through until bedtime.

We had a bit of an Alexa stand off.

“Alexa: play Duran Duran.”

“Alexa: STOP. Alexa play Tappa Zukie.”

Mr Tappa came out tops.


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