Saving a bird, losing a bird very early on Saturday morning.

Bloody Dotty.

Less than five minutes after the cats were let out, Dotty returned with a feathered friend between her teeth.

It’s heartbreaking.

Anna was able to rescue the bird and find a safe place.

Actually – no place is safe from Dotty.

Park Run was on our minds – or to be more specific, making the 9am race start time.

Just as we were leaving Dotty was halfway through tucking into her breakfast treat of bird #2.

Oh dear.

#Colchester Park Run, innit

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It was a muggy morning for Park Run in Castle Park.

Anna thought that it would be a good idea to take some tomato plants and leave them out in the Sunny Colch sun.

Only Anna would bring tomatoes to Parkrun

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I lie.

They were for a friend.


There was a change of route for the Saturday morning run. The Colchester Medieval and Oyster Fayre was being set up in Lower Castle Park.

This led to a disjointed run with some tight footpaths to negotiate.

It also led to a very average official race time of 22’36” – more than a minute off my PB.

LibDem Peter took what looked like a nasty fall before the first bend.

Poor fella.

To my surprise he was soon back on his feet, and then overtaking me before the first turnaround.

Top chap.

Oh dear

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We took the opportunity of catching the Solo film whilst in town – at 10am in Screen 7 of the Colchester Odeon.

Solo, Screen 7, 10am, #Colchester Odeon. LIVE THE DREAM, Jase

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VERY #OddJase etc.

The trailers and ads included an Essex CC t20Blast plug. J-Roy and The Oval briefly featured.

I had a Pavlovian outburst of:


I’m just pleased that Peter Shilton didn’t appear…

I bloody LOVED Solo.

It was everything that Saturday morning cinema should be: action, a plot that I could follow and romance.

No spoilers, etc, but the human / droid love plot was very tearful.

We walked out into the midday Sunny Colch sun, and headed straight on a charity shop run.

I did well with a cycling jacket for when it turns a little chilly out there once again.

Primarni was up next.

The pair of jeans that I bought last month were such an ACE fit that I bought an identical second pair.

Suits you, Sir.

We stopped off at the gym for a little light weights, and then a swim.

I couldn’t find my rhythm in the pool.

I count the lengths, and not the strokes per length.

But you know when you are either short or a little over-stretched with your expected touchdown stroke.

HIGH TIDE! #WeirdWiv

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It was a GORGEOUS ride back along The Trail with a stunning high tide.

I had to be back at base for a 5pm work shift. These lasted all the way through until 11pm.

We’ve got a Surrey away day once agin in the morning.

Oh Lordy.

Estausty Wilds summer garden, innit

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