A day of work tech woes.

Something isn’t quite right with my MacBook Air.

It’s old.

Yep – that’s it.

But I’m over clocking the capacity and making it my main work mule until Apple gets its arse in gear and offers a new model.

Either that or buy a budget Chromebook.

We’re having to install so much new software, security and general multi-browsing options for new work clients.

The MacBook is coughing and wheezing along like me during the morning after.

I made an effort to streamline the process mid-morning.

I have neglected for too long some bloody annoying pop ups advising that poxy non-work software hasn’t been updated and needs a little TLC.

I killed off all the nagging reminders by doing the decent think of updating.

Also having a bad day at the office was Surrey Cricket away at Beckenham.

I listened to the Kent innings, and then realised that there wasn’t going to be a happy ending for the ‘rrey.

Hey hoe.

Three consecutive finals at HQ, three consecutive defeats.

I could well do without a fourth day of disappointment at Lord’s later this summer.

The work schedule meant that it was a late, late swim.

I didn’t make it out along the Trail until 3pm.

Forty lengths was just what I needed to clear my head.

Back at base and The Postman Delivers:

…a pair of XL T-shirts that I ordered online.

To my relief / disappointment, I’m not quite ready for being sized up just yet.

They will both be returned in the morning.

Work went all the way through to bedtime once again.

I slept with two cats.

One had a moth in her belly, the other a dead bird.

Naughty Dotty.

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