A slow start to the day.

It was spent compiling a To Do list, then looking at the scope of it and thinking, nah.

Time for a swim.

It was hot and sticky out on the Trail. I was surprised to see how hard the path was after the recent storms.

Hot sticky scenes, you know what I mean

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I’m no nautical type. I fail when trying to read tidal charts.

But it seems that high water has been all over the place over the past few days.

It looked like high tide as I cycled in.

Two hours later and still it was flowing downstream.

Can we pull the plug out?

It was my first weights session in the gym in over a week. It felt like it as well.

The swim started slowly, but then picked up the pace.

The Work Scheduling Gods gave me a daytime breather. Thursday was all about late afternoon and evening work.

Dotty picked a fight with the first stag beetle of the season. There was only going to be one winner and so I rescued the resilient little fella.

It was also the first t20 of the season.

The Windies Vs Rest of the World at HQ was a bit of a hit and giggle slog fest.

I was talking with Anna last night about the topsy turvy cricketing schedule this summer. The Royal Ldn final is at Lord’s at the end of June.


And then the t20 Blast starts very late in July.

Anna returned from S ldn late in the day.

More catching up, more work.

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