Little overnight sleep and a snoring wife.

In S Ldn as well.

Anna’s not so sweet dreams woke me ahead of the first South Lambeth Road traffic stirrings.

Which was about 4:30am.

Oh dear.

I really can’t lie there and wait for the alarm clock.

Various online admin was carried out as Sunny Stockwell slowly kick started the day down below.

The rain meant no lido swim

And so a King of Clap’ham run instead.

It was very laboured. I bolted on Larkhall Park at the end.

I would have done this circuit twice back in the day. But not on four and a half hours sleep.

#LateJunction had an ACE collaboration between probably the best paired name of artists: Bastard Assignments and Swan Meat.

Weddings, Funerals, Bar Mitzvahs, etc.

Anna slipped out West to do her corporate thing.

I got stuck into the first work shifts of the morning in the flat.

@RobertElms is coming towards the completion of his London playlist. Chant No.1 was added mid-morning – possibly the only songs that reads from the old London AZ.

Luncheon meant that I had to do a runner back up to LS and back to the bloody Estuary Wilds.

Daisy and Dotty had been on their own for 24 hours.

I took a slight detour via SE17. A little school admin needed ticking off.

Back in the Estuary Wilds and the garden was blooming. It hasn’t been tamed in the past seven days.

My weekend = garden tamer supreme.

Daisy was lovely when she returned from underneath the shed. She was clingy all afternoon, climbing onto my neck and making work a little tricky.

Dotty rocked up when she was ready – with a frog, natch.

Naughty Dotty.

We had an all company work webinar mid-afternoon. The chosen subject: GDPR.


A little training ahead of a busy Bank Holiday weekend for Big Client #1 followed.

I managed to find a break to bash out some thoughts on the Lambeth Full Council meeting from the night before.

Shirley Oaks Survivors protest leads to Lambeth Annual Council meeting being held behind closed doors

I think I remember how to do this…

Test Match highlights, The Style Council on TOTP and some telly client work shifts.

And then Anna returned from Sunny Stockwell as well.

Can I head back now, please?

We are both losing track of where we are / who we are.

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