That was a day.

Up early once again to clear the To Do list ahead of a rather frantic day of flitting and flirting.

On the agenda at bloody 6am was to publish the SE21 content from Monday ahead of the arrival of that nice Mr Ofsted a few hours later.

Job’s a good ‘un.

GOOD LUCK lovely SE21 folk.

The 8am shift continued with the major meltdown from Big Client #1. It is running a new social campaign that is a little controversial.

The medium is the message, etc.

And that message for the modern interweb is that there are some very WEIRD people around.

The briefest of brief swims followed. I only had time for twenty lengths. It was more of a paddling exercise tbh.

Strange things random nutters take to local council meetings #OddJase

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I wanted to be in the Public Gallery at Colchester Town Hall by 11:30am for the Annual Borough Meeting.

I avoided the pomp and pageantry of the formal meeting. FUR is involved, Comrades.

Not my thing.

The actual business of what should have been a routine civic admin meeting was absolute dynamite.

The Tories tried to form a minority administration. The ex-LibDem MP appeared to support them.

The Motion was moved whilst the PA system picked up the Gaw Blimey conversation from some CBC workmen.

Carry on Council, etc.

Somehow I found myself in Team Tory for the after meet drinks.

How the chuff did that happen?

Decent folk, even if I don’t agree with their politics.

I then had to switch heads and do a runner back home to Sunny Stockwell.

On the agenda: the Lambeth Council Annual Town Meeting.

Oh Lordy.

News of the new Lambeth Cabinet very conveniently broke as I was halfway between the bloody Estuary Wilds and Sunny Stockwell.

I bashed out a Buzz piece on the train.

Lambeth Labour announce new Cabinet with more Progress Cllr’s joining the top table

A few flat chores, a LIDL run and then a random work shift.

I made it out of the flat in time for a Brixton Buzz Executive meeting with that nice Mike Urban.

On the agenda?

Plenty of profanities.

My kind of chuffing meeting, Comrades.

And then out went the shout of:

“To Your Nu Town Hall!”

Oh Lordy

I think I can remember how to do this.

It was chalk and cheese compared to Sunny Colch.

The lack of power socket in the public gallery was a little worrying.

But I needn’t have worried.

The Shirley Oaks Survivors Group was in attendance. They were being a little lively.

This led to endless adjournments.

Full Council then met in private.

A very decent Lambeth Comms chap ushered me in. I found a power socket.


And yep – I do pay my Council Tax, Comrades.

The meeting wasn’t the political dynamite of Sunny Colch some five hours earlier. But it is interesting times in the borough with a local Green party able to land the blows.

I walked back to Sunny Stockwell to clear my head.

It was a rare his ‘n’ hers with Wifey back in the flat.

It was our first chance to catch up after her STUNNING debut at Lambeth Planning the night before.


That was a day.

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