A cloudy Lake Brockwell experience to start Friday morning – not up above, but down below in the water.


Friday feeling #lidolove

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The tepid waters of the lovely lido were a little clouded, even with a brilliant Brockwell blue sky for the perfect backdrop.

It is the aftermath of the short burst of a heatwave season. Out come the day-trippers, on comes the sun tan lotion.

Please shower before you swim, etc.

I managed a decent fourteen lengths. My body wanted to press on, but the 9am school assembly in Sunny Stockwell was calling.

That was a mad old day in SW9.

MAD as in running around and trying to keep up with the pace of what has now become an incredibly impressive school.

I had a slight tech wobble mid-morning with yet another f717 camera fail.


I’ve learnt not to worry about these. I know the cam inside out and how to bring it back to life.

Just please make sure that all the images from the morning assembly are still in place?


GOTCHA, etc.

My narrative the day then involved dancing to some Rick Astley in Year 7, then the YMCA with Year 9, followed by a conversation about make up with Boy Y:

“There’s nothing wrong with men wearing make up.”

Well said, Boy Y.

Especially not in a lovely, lovely school.

Somehow the school day disappeared. Soon it was 4pm and I checked up on the Surrey score before cycling off to catch the final few hours or so of play.

Oh dear.

The game had finished before I left the school gates.

A text from Anna dropped back in the bloody Estuary Wilds:

“She’s eating quite a big chick thing. It’s still alive & she’s chewing it’s wing.”

Bloody Dotty, etc.

I had a couple of work shifts back in the flat, and an evening of endless editing and publishing school content. I wanted to get it all out of the way before a busy weekend kicks in.

Oh – and poor old Notts County 🙁

Family messages between the Fair City and Sunny Stockwell were exchanged.

There has always been a secret Magpies passion running through my family.

Another Sunny #Stockwell fire burner #SW8

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