An unexpected 7am work shift.

Phew. That was close.

Now relax and enjoy that first cup of tea of the day, Jase.

School policies started to drop before 8am. As ever my aim is to edit and publish there and then. I bloody hate backlogs.

Dotty went off to do her wandering thing an hour later. I had a serious word with her before her arse disappeared through the cat flap:

“Bloody come back sometime before late evening today, luv.”

Yeah, right.

Cats are a worry.

Colchester BID Campaign Launches with Bold Claims

I bashed out a brief Chronic piece on the BID. Time is tight over the next few days. I would have liked to have given this more analysis.

But you publish, and then move on…

I failed to buy a new pair of specs online. The MSE deal didn’t stack up for two pairs for £17. Plus I struggled to read the prescription from my previous eye test.

Should have gone to Specsavers, etc.

#WeirdWiv, innit

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It was a breezy ride out en route to the gym.

Another ACE treadmill and weights session followed.

Like a FOOL I forgot my clean pair of pants after having showered.

HIGH TIDE! #WeirdWiv

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I cycled back along an incredibly high tide Trail, Commando style.

I made it back in time for the next run of work shifts with seconds to spare.

Some Buzz action also followed.

Company behind loss-making Pop Brixton files accounts showing £423,000 loss

I can’t even talk about *that* place these days without defaulting to “the loss-making Pop Brixton.”

Still – I got to use my FAVE photo once again.

Big Client #1 was bloody busy. It looks like staying this way for the rest of the summer.


I made the mistake of checking to see who was in the England squad. I recognised five faces and that was yer lot.

Oh dear.

Rennie LaVice and some DIRTY drum ‘n’ bass saw me through the afternoon shifts.

The garden – and Daisy – were watered.

She bloody loves anything to do with water.


A tired cat up a Wisteria, innit #wisteria

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More work followed through until the end of the day.

Plus a little prep ahead of returning back home to Sunny Stockwell in the morning.

And relax.

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