A day of worrying abut the cats.

Or more to the point – a day of worrying about Dotty.

Bloody Dotty.

The last we saw of her was shortly after 6am as Anna headed back to Sunny Stockwell.

And then nothing.

Nothing until 7pm.

Bloody Dotty.

Dotty is a worry.

I didn’t start to go into major worry mode until mid-afternoon.

Some early morning work, then the swim including a GLORIOUS ride in along the Trail.

Sun on mud, innit

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I returned back to base.



Hey hoe.

She will do her own thing.

I cracked on with the rest of the work.

Daisy was an absolute sweetie, being all over me and wanting attention.

I had another work free hour window mid-afternoon. I made the most of the Estuary Wilds weather and headed to the garden to finish off the Dylan Thomas Bowie book.

It was due back at the library before the end of the day. I struggled at first with the cut and paste approach to the narrative. I’ve not been able to put it down since I got past 1973.

Daisy kept on being Daisy – which meant climbing all over me and being very clingy.

Dotty kept up being Dotty – which meant bloody disappearing and causing quite a concern early evening.

Past form has led me to learn to press on and do your thing.

Cats will return when they are ready.

Cats are a bloody worry.

I published the Buzz Cressingham piece. I’ve been sitting on this since before the local elections.

Lambeth Council admits 27 homes left unoccupied at Cressingham Gardens with regeneration rather than repair the Labour party policy

It was quite an effort to get the information out of Lambeth Council. The first FOI was refused; we appealed – it was refused.

We asked the Information Commissioner to become involved.

And whaddya know – the Council had a “rethink” and decided to release the information.

It’s quite a story: 27 empty homes on an estate that the Council wants to demolish – just so that it can build an extra 16 council houses.

So why not just repair them, Comrades?

All about the developer Homes for Lambeth, innit.

Feeds were refreshed throughout the day trying to get an update on the new Cabinet.

It never came.

And then as I settled down for what would be a manic early evening work shift, in walked Madam Dotty.

You missed me, huh?


She had some food, walked around the garden and then went to bed.

Dotty is a bloody worry.

I pressed on with the work, with half an eye on the Villa play-off.

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