Early morning work, and then a full on gym session: treadmill, weights, swim, steam – the bloody lot.

There was the danger of a Wivenhoe Forum editorial meeting breaking out in the pool.

Wisely the team members kept a wide berth.

The afternoon work shifts led to some strange soundtrack choices.

Blackstar – OK…

Elvis’ Moody Blue?


I eased back gently into some Buzz action following the burn out from the election coverage a couple of weeks ago.

Local groups offered financial sweetener for Field Day and Mighty Hoopla takeover of Brockwell Park

I’ve got a story backlog building up. I need to address this.

We’re expecting the Lambeth Cabinet details to drop in the next 24 hours.


The Postman Delivers: some kiddy Lego.

Oh Dear.

Anna is actually going to use this as a prop at a Lambeth Planning meeting next week.

*popcorn* etc.

I snaffled up a Forest polo shirt on eBay.

It’s the classic Clough Lincoln Green, Umbro as well, natch.

Anna picked up the weekly veg bag.

Mr @bennisonfarm delivers:

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It was all very… green. And not in a Clough stylie, either.

Work went all the way through until the evening.

Plus keeping an eye on the Fulham Vs D***y play-off semi.

I actually wanted D***y to win – and then lose on the big stage at Wembley…

#TwoStarsOnThe Badge, etc.

OH #Colchester

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