A day which promised so little with the weather, yet still delivered not a great deal – despite the decent condition outdoors.

I abandoned any hopes of the CTC Club Run before going to bed the night before. Cycling and rain is not for me.

And so no rain early on Sunday morning, but I didn’t have my cycling head on.

Plus my big toe is still THROBBING after being stung by the bastard bee last night.

I tried at various times throughout the day to try and remove what remains of the sting. I’ve been limping around the house all day.

I was sucked into the Liverpool Vs Brighton match.

Football. Bloody hell, etc.

I then spent the rest of the afternoon uploading my shots from the past week or so to stockimo.

The plan is to retire on the windfall that will follow.

Or maybe I will be able to afford to buy an extra pint each month?

I experimented previously with picfair. I found it all a little too fiddly with all the tagging that was required.

The stockimo app is a lot more agile. There’s some pretty cool interaction using IFTTT.

We’ll see…

I caught the final session of the day at The Oval via the Surrey stream. It’s bloody addictive watching ball-by-ball being beamed on to my big iMac screen.

And England call up for Mr Virdi should be due before reach the end of the summer.

Work then dominated the rest of the evening.

LOTS of work.

I picked up a run of late work shifts to see the weekend out.

It’s all good.

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