Back to the bloody Estuary Wilds Saturday routine.

#WeirdWiv, innit

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Which must mean Colchester Park Run comes up first. I can’t say that I’ve missed those climbs of Castle Park in recent weeks.

Colchester Park Run, innit

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I was fighting fit and BOOZE free from the night before.

Time for a PB, Jase?


A young boy in front of me chundered around the final circuit. I knew exactly how he felt.

Oh dear

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22’35” was the official race time. I was fifth in my age cat – which says more about the demographics of Castle Park Run compared back home to the beauty of Brockwell.

Anna and I both had our art heads on. We’ve just about gone one between us.

Art or arse? Rather liked it @the_minories #Colchester

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We had a look at the winning Cuckoo Farm Graduate exhibition at The Minories.

And then the short walk across the road to see the White Van at Firstsite.

Oh @firstsitecolchester

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Spoiler: it’s not a white van.

Art does my half head in.

I had quick haircut, and then we cycled on to the gym.

The weights are going smooth, the swim not so.

We got bloody soaked on the bicycle ride back to base.

A #LIDL luncheon followed.

OH MY DAYS #foodie #foodieshit #LIDL

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I watched a little of the Giro but I can’t get excited about the race this year.

We had ambitious plans to walk to Brightlingsea for some BOOZE.

But we were both bloody knackered.

The weather wasn’t working in our favour and I had to be back for some early evening work shifts.

And so a compromise instead with a brisk walk out to Alresford Creek.

#WeirdWiv, innit

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I did the snappy snappy thing.

We made it home before the next downpour started. I took off my walking boots and socks and was immediately stung by a bloody bee on my big toe.


That hurt.

A little bit of Boro Vs Villa, and then the TOP DRAW of Notts away at Coventry.

There has always been a Notts County strain running through my bloodlines.

And then work shifts to end Saturday.

My very, very special girl

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