Trapped on the 8am shift.

I had a cat sitting on my lap, licking her bottom right in front of my laptop.

Cheers, Daisy.

Cat up a Wisteria, innit

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It probably wasn’t a good idea to turn on the work webcam.

The mad cat was never a lap cat. We tried to encourage her but she was just, mad.

And now we have Daisy who enjoys prodding and poking me where it sometimes gets a little tender.

I politely asked her to shift after five minutes. Work tasks needed completed. One finger typing doesn’t keep the wheels of industry ticking over.

HOT tea and #LateJunction followed.

I was very happy.

Mid-morning saw another brief walk around the garden.

Bloody love it #wisteria

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The Estuary Wilds sun was radiating down on the now peak wisteria. The local bee population were dipping their bread.

I snapped away and caught the moment for another year.

We came close to saying farewell to the wisteria over the winter months. I was concerned that it was getting a little close to the house foundations.

My Tree Man said nope.

Cheers, Mr Tree Man.

#WeirdWiv, innit

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It was another gorgeous ride in along the Trail towards the gym.

The gym was half decent as well.

Back at base I settled down for a busy run of afternoon work shifts.

The bulk of these were spent BALLS DEEP in Google Translate.

The Surrey live stream was ticking over.

There’s been a change this season with a live video feed from The Oval to accompany the ball-by-ball commentary.

County cricket is the perfect companion for an afternoon of work. I wouldn’t recommend it when the rock ‘n’ roll of t20 starts, mind.

School emails from all over S Ldn dropped late in the afternoon.

It’s all about the admin.

Some bloody bird left their calling card on my freshly cleaned attic window.

SHIT, etc.

#WeirdWiv, innit

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Anna and I made a determined decision to down work tools and head out for a brief walk whilst there was still some light.

#WeirdWiv, innit

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It was eerily quiet down the front. We bumped into Neil. He did a decent job in selling us his latest novel.

And then more work.

Plus keeping an eye on the D***y match.

My old man said be a D***y fan, I said…

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