A morning of some pretty mad work, trying to find an opportunity to escape to the gym.

Staying indoors was made worthwhile with Carroll Thompson as a guest with @RoberyElms. A half hour of chat about S Ldn Lover’s Rock followed.


Dotty disturbed the mood by bringing in another bloody bird.

Naughty Dotty.

But Mr Birdy had the last laugh.

Dotty came a couple of metres into the house, and then the bird broke free from Dotty’s jaw and flew back out.

See ya!

Dotty couldn’t work out what had gone off.

Better luck next time, luv.

#WeirdWiv, innit

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The gym came and went over luncheon. It was a rushed effort, but some decent time on the treadmill.

In Not So Secret CBC News:

CBC has a new Leader.

I bashed out a hit and miss Chronic update.

Cllr Cory New Leader of CBC as Coalition Hangs On

Come on Lambeth – get your act together. You’re up next on my To Do list…

I went down to the station to pick up the weekly veg bag. We are officially entering the summer green season.


Me @bennisonfarm delivers: #green. Goodo

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We’ve been surviving on turnips alone for the past six months.

Some more work, some more incoming food.

That nice Mr Sainsbury delivered a van full of BOOZE and cat food.

I ventured out the WTC Annual Town Meeting early evening.

It was chalk and cheese compared to the Lambeth count last week.

All the BEST gigs, Jase. WTC Annual Town Meet, innit

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I couldn’t hang around until the end. A 9pm work shift pinged on my phone.

I caught a little of the Chelsea Vs Huddersfield match.

Football. Bloody hell.

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