The 8am work shift came and went on Tuesday morning.

See ya 8am work shift.

Until Wednesday.

I decided to spend the rest of the morning servicing my bicycles.

I say ‘servicing’ – I dusted them down, added some air and oiled the chains.

That should work, right?

Summer MTB Ahoy! Chapeau!

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I had a bit of a bicycle reorganisation. The winter MTB was put away for another season and out came the summer MTB.

They both ride very differently. The summer MTB is much more responsive. I noticed some rather worrying gaps appearing in what was a relatively new pair of tyres.

Ignore them.

They’ll go away…

Sun on mud, innit

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I took the summer MTB out along the Trail en route to the gym. The first tourers of the season passed me heading towards Harwich.


*I actually said Chapeau and ended up swallowing a fly*

Well hello BIG BOY #SunnyColch

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It’s been a week or so since I have been in the Estuary Wilds gym. Some rather bright LED lights have appeared in the changing room.

West Ham Wanker is going to LOVE these. I found them a little intrusive in all the places where you don’t want to be intruded.

Weights, and then a power swim followed.

That felt bloody good.

The afternoon work was steady.

I knocked out a post-election Town Hall Tapes with Disco Darryl. We gave Greenwich and Lambeth a decent analysis. I won’t have time to edit until the morning.

I caught up with Gilles Peterson from the weekend. He dropped some early 94 East.


A little more work, and then I tried to tackle the growth in the garden whilst I have been back in S Ldn.

The green sticky thing down the side of the house had the first serious trim of the season.

Tuesday evening was all about Swansea Vs Southampton, Giro highlights and work.

Um, Chapeau!

Me and my girl. Coming along for the ride. Chapeau!

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