Up at 4am on Friday to catch up on the Colchester count.

Two lifestyles, two patches, two wives.

I jest.

But yeah – the @ColchChronic piece was ready before the Bran Flakes were served up to the folks back in the Estuary Wilds.

CBC Coalition Hangs on to Power after Losing Leader

It was an interesting result.

It has been framed by some as populism Vs honesty around my particular patch.

I’d say more like truth Vs a bloody great big liar.

Moving on…

I put my Lambeth head back on and cycled off to the lovely Lido. It was strangely quiet at 8am on Friday morning.

Friday morning #lidolove

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The water temperature is up another degrees to a balmy 13. I bottled it once more by wearing a hat.

Twelve decent lengths, and then some lido chat with the Icicles whilst shampooing the short ‘n’ curlies.

I was on a tight turnaround.

I needed the Lake Brockwell purification ahead of what was to come:

The Lambeth election count.


I have been dreading / anticipating this in equal measures for the past few weeks.

The invite was sourced, but I wasn’t sure up until the last moment if I would have the bottle to attend or not.

Head back, chest out, keep on walking towards that Oval sun, Jase.

My day. At the Lambeth election count, innit

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It helped that the count was taking place at The Oval, my second home. I was on very familiar home territory.

I arrived early and got myself set up.

There has been some panic over the MacBook Air. It didn’t let me down. I managed to find a socket for the day and pawned off the Surrey electricity and WiFi.

The rest of the day was all about the planning. I had put in the hours beforehand, knowing what could be achieved, but every detail had to be covered.

Something will always catch you off guard at a count. You need to be aware of what is taking place around you and then adapt.

It’s a bit like working in schools 😉

The Jardine Suite was a very tense affair at 10am. 63 seats across 21 wards needed to be counted.

I fired up the Buzz live blog and tweeted my arse off.

Lambeth Council Election Count 2018 – LIVE blog

And that was more or less the next eight hours or so.

I wandered around a little, trying to get stories but not wanting to betray any trust.

It wasn’t great striking up conversations then having to walk away. There is so much going off at a count that deep conversation is a luxury.

So, so sorry folks.

We bloody SMASHED the traffic on the live Buzz blog. That nice Mike Urban held it for a Clap’ham April Fool that many believed.

By the close of the count at 6pm we had clocked up over 40,000+ page views.

BLOODY happy with that.


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I wandered back through the backstreets of SW8 en route to Sunny Stockwell. The wisterias were looking AMAZING.

Some promising news on the Dorset Road front dropped early evening.

Fingers crossed.

A little online catch up, and then a full on evening of work.

I’m back with the telly client.

The brief is basically BANTZ.

A bit like my day spent at the Lambeth count tbh.

Funny old thing, the modern interweb, innit.

Back to this. It makes it all worthwhile. Sunny #Stockwell #SW8

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