Facebook reminded me that ‘yours memories are special’ early on Saturday morning.

It then posted a pic of the mad cat as one of the first things that I saw to start the weekend.

The mad cat died almost two years ago.

Cheers, Facebook.

She did look stunningly beautiful, mind.

Oh how I miss the mad cat 🙁


I didn’t have time to ponder. The 9am start of Colchester Park Run was waiting.


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I caught the train in with Anna. We both had our bicycles. My plan was to finally fix the flat on my tourer whilst in town. I let the train take the strain.


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It was a damp, but decent Colchester Park Run.

Colchester Park Run, innit

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My flitting and flirting lifestyle causes a little confusion though.

Back in the beauty of Brockwell and the laid back S Ldn lifestyle means that Park Run gets underway around 9:10, sometimes 9:15.

It’s a prompt 9am start in Sunny Colch.

I’ve gained around a minute on my previous fighting fit Park Run time in recent weeks.

It’s all about carrying a few extra pounds, innit.

I enjoyed Saturday morning. The official race time of 22’46” was no great surprise.

Oh dear

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I wheeled the tourer off to the bicycle shop for a new inner to be fitted.

Yeah, yeah.

I know.

I can’t do it with my non-mechanical mind.

We did a bit of clothes shopping whilst waiting.

Ooohhhhh YEAH

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I bloody LOVE Primarni.

Mid life crisis AHOY!

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I picked up the tourer and then we popped into Firstsite.

It was buzzing in there with the record fair, Slack Folk mini festival and art.

Always art.

@firstsitecolchester, innit

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Anna started to touch up some bronze sculpture. She genuinely didn’t see the DO NOT TOUCH sign in front of her eyes; she genuinely didn’t hear the “DON’T TOUCH!” barking order from the gallery assistant.

It wasn’t her finest moment.

I was all set for a ride off to the gym for a swim.

I mounted the tourer and pssssst.


It had chuffing punctured again.

Mr Bicycle Shop Man was very understanding. I don’t think that the tyre was checked for the source of the original puncture.

I had another hour to spare, and so another hour of clothes shopping.

Oh I say, JC

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There’s always been a white denim theme running through my fashion sense, Comrades.

It’s not stonewash.


The tourer was collected for the second time in the morning. I had an early afternoon work shift and didn’t want to take my chances with a hat trick of punctures on route to the pool.

I sheepishly cycled back to base.

The temporary traffic lights up Boundary Road were an arse.

A standing start up a bloody steep climb is no good for my knackered knees.

Work was fine.

Swansea Vs Chelsea followed.

And then work shifts once again until late evening.

Cat in a Primarni bag, innit

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