All Monday mornings should start with a trip to the lovely lido, right?

We’ve more or less returned to normal following the SCORCHIO April weekender.

Numbers are back down to the usual Icicle regulars, plus some summer seasonal swimmers who are finding the BALMY 18 degrees a little testing.

Monday morning #lidolove

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I am now in my full summer mode – just man and trunks. No silly rubber hats were worn by me in the waters of Lake Brockwell on Monday morning.

I had planned for a serious session ahead of my return to the bloody Estuary Wilds later in the day.

Time and tide got the better of me.

I had to be in a school assembly at 9am. I only managed a lame twelve lengths.

It didn’t help that I was stuck behind a splasher of a fella. He was propelled not very eloquently by arms that looked like they were trying to break free from a straight jacket.

They crashed down into the water, breaking all rules about what is required for a speedy, smooth swim.

I thought that his legs were going to fall off at one point.

Instead I got a trail of bubbles to swim into.

A full on school day in SE21 followed. This was my first time back following the lengthy Easter break.

I’m looking for ways to change the routine and find new ways of working.

A mid-morning invite to le Velo with Year 12 was at least something of a change.

The students take part in a weekly track session on accessible bicycles. Today they returned the goodwill by painting some of the picnic benches around the track.

I stood well back with my camera as some of the enthusiastic brush strokes started.

The rest of the work day went a little WOH.

I had decided in my mind that it is asking the impossible to try and visit every class, Early Years through to the sixth form. It only leads to the quality of my work dropping.

I still managed twelve classes, with my own energy levels flagging late in the date.

A speedy bicycle ride on the Brompton back to LS was needed. I stopped off at Di Lieto’s to pick up my supply of Transpontine Olive Bread for the next couple of days.

Transpontine olive bread, innit #SW8

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Back at the other end of the line and the Estuary Wilds garden has gone BONKERS in my absence.

Back in #WeirdWiv. Back to this. Blimey

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Poundland cheapo lawn growth really does work, Comrades.

I put it down to all the natural watering carried out by Daisy, bless.

I managed to catch a little of the Everton Vs Newcastle match, plus some time with Anna.

But then a run of work shifts were scheduled in through until 11pm.



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