A water temperature of 17.1 degrees at Lake Brockwell meant that I ditched the rubber hat(s) for the first time this season.

I didn’t even drop down from two hats to one.

It was straight in to the tepid water with nothing to protect my balding head.


That feels nice.

OH Brockwell Blue #lidolove

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The lovely lido was choppy waters around 8am.

We have officially entered the summer season with the seasonal swimmers returning to the lido.

And whaddya know – the bloody indoor showers weren’t working.

I wanted a proper gentleman’s wash. I was strongly advised not to attempt this poolside with the outdoor showers.

I cleaned up as best as I could, and then cycled back through Brixton for a school day in Sunny Stockwell.

It was the first day of the new term in SW9.

Phew. What a SCORCHER, etc.

Boy, that was bloody hot.

I took it fairly easy, but still managed to get around all the year groups.

I was flaked at chucking out time.

Friday evening was spent back in the flat on a ROCK ‘N’ ROLL run of work shifts from 5pm all the way through to 11pm.

Pay to play.

That’s what I keep on saying.

Here we are again #SunnyStockwell #SW8

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