A day of disappearing back to Sunny Stockwell.

It was a little heart breaking saying goodbye to Daisy and Dotty. The appearance of the Brompton by the door is the signal for them that I am about to bugger off.


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The commute in was spent obsessing over stats in the Surrey 2017 Year Book.

The new season starts at The Oval tomorrow…

It was certainly cricket weather as I crossed at Ldn Bridge and cycled down for a school day in SE17.

The plan was to keep it low key, and keep my cool.

I failed, of course.

I ran my arse off around all the year groups.

Music in Year 5 was decent. I am hopeless at understanding Key Stage 2 rhythm.

I joined in some professional skipping tuition in Year 2.

That’s a lie.

I took photos of Year 2 enjoying some professional skipping tuition.

Random audio was recorded.

I left SE17 at 4pm.

Bob – he of Bob’s Bikes – was my first stop.

Sourcing replacement tyres for a Mini Moulton is no easy task. I’m still without the bicycle.

We’ll get there.

I smiled whilst waiting at some lights at Kennington Cross. Some S Ldn yoof was togged up in his blazer and a puffa jacket.

COOL, dude etc.

A gloriously Sunny #Stockwell #SW8

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A brief Lidl run, and then an evening of stop / start work shifts in the flat.

I made a start on editing and publishing the SE17 content. A WP admin issue gave me a little concern.

If in doubt, log out, login.


There’s the possibility that the lovely lido might be closed in the morning due to water level issues.


Oooohhhhh Sunny #Stockwell

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