A day of work and preparation ahead of returning back home to Sunny Stockwell.

It started with Daisy being startled by the washing machine.

The poor dear.


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The spin cycle wasn’t exactly smooth; Daisy did a runner for the rest of the morning 🙁

I left her to it and cycled along a GLORIOUS Trail en route to the gym.

Sun on mud, innit #WeirdWiv

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My fifteen minutes of fame on the treadmill were made all the more bearable by watching Stuart Pearce on the treadmill TV screen.

I didn’t have any headphones or any volume. Just the sight of the GREAT MAN inspired me to semi-greatness myself.

Almost out

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The garden was watered once again over luncheon.

Daisy reappeared.

The watering can was too much for her.

She let out a trickle on my lawn.

Could have crossed your legs, luv.

The afternoon work shifts were actually rather exciting. We had a suite of new work tools to play around with.

Early evening was spent Buzz and S Ldn planning, plus the company of Rene La Vice.


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