Tuesday felt like I was forever chasing the day.

The To Do list had very few dents made into it.

I didn’t really settle down until… it was time to to bed.

It was catch up right from the start of the day. I finally managed to edit and publish Town Hall Tapes that we recorded yesterday.

THT #25 you say?


The idea for the podcast reboot was always about getting the content out there, and then moving on.

Which is exactly what I did mid-morning.

Some routine work shifts followed.

@RobertElms was Round Your Manor in West Norwood.

This is a part of the borough that always gives me a brain freeze. I’ve cycled through it many times en route to Crystal Palace.

But I don’t know West Norwood.

I gave the garden the first water of the season. This seems most odd as it was covered in a foot of snow six weeks ago.

Blossom ahoy! #WeirdWiv

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I cycled off to the gym along the Trail. To my surprise the ground was bone dry. An avenue of blossom guided me down towards the Hythe.

A serious treadmill and weights session followed.

I needed that.

#FaveKitten, innit

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The delightful Madam Dotty

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The cats were lounging around in the sun when I returned. I didn’t like to disturb them.

An evening of work followed with the new client. Our small team is having plenty of fun with this project.

Plus half an eye on Brighton Vs #lolspurs.

I’ve got to clear that To List tomorrow.

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