The Sunny Stockwell Hoover Liberation Front was in action early on Sunday morning.

I left a Dyson that we no longer need outside the flat. It is the cheaper redistribution option compared to the £20 Lambeth Council charge to take it away.

*and before the Lambeth Recycle Police get a little jumpy, it was left inside my property boundary*

The Dyson was liberated in under five minutes.

I cycled on to the lovely lido for some purification of my own.

Ditch the rubber, fellas #lidolove

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The water temperature was up to a tepid 13 degrees – the highest so far of the year.

I welcomed the South London sun as I effortlessly [!] entered the waters of Lake Brockwell

Fourteen lengths followed.

I almost came up cropper in the duck shit that is on the side of the deep end exit point.


I had a quick turnaround back in the flat, and then headed off to The Oval once again.

#SW8, innit

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It was Day 3 of the ‘rrey at home to Cambridge MCCU in a pre-season friendly.

Players out-numbered spectators.

Another testing morning on the County circuit #3feathers

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A new WiFi network has been installed around the old ground over the winter months. I thought that I would give it a road test.

I clocked an impressive 61megs upstream. This of course might all change when the 20 spectators becomes 20,000.

It is another option for whenever I need to release some schools vids away from the ropey South Lambeth Road connection.

Luncheon came.

I decided to go for a wander, rather than sit in the cold.

Vibrant #Vauxhall, innit

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Three hours later and I had missed the afternoon session, taken in an art gallery and entered a Hipster Vintage Sale by mistake.

Such a shame 🙁 #Vauxhall

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The old Cricketers boozer was looking a sorry site. Remarkably there are residential units in the top floor, but down below looks trashed.

I know that Surrey have explored the idea of buying it up. It would make for an ACE [whisper it] heritage pub.

The wider picture is the regeneration of the gas holders site behind the boozer. I fear that The Cricketers will become a Tesco Express.

I ended up at Newport Street Gallery.

Bloody LOVE IT here.

Rachel Howard at Newport St Gallery. Um…

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A couple of exhibitions were on display. Rachel Howard on the ground floor didn’t do it for me.

John Copeland at Newport Street. ACE #Vauxhall

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John Copeland up above was the bollocks.

I kept on wandering, heading towards the river, and then back down towards Sunny Stockwell.

I stumbled on the Hipster Warehouse Sale by mistake.

It was most odd.

Hands off cocks

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You paid for your plastic bag on the door, and then was given a licence to stuff it full with as much vintage tat that you could carry.

I didn’t get beyond the bag buying stage.


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The route came full circle at Larkhall Park.

It has seen better days, but remains popular. I lost count of the number of football games and training sessions taking place.

#LIDL #CroissantLovers4Rachel

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I refuelled at LIDL, and then had a run of work shifts from 5pm all the way through to 11pm.

New Client Ahoy tomorrow evening!

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