Some early morning Dorset Road business to start the day.

Gonna miss these Dorset Road mornings #SW8

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Here be Estate Regeneration, etc.

I didn’t hang around. I had to be at Brockwell Park for the start of Park Run at 9am.

Brockwell Park Run never starts at 9am…

That was TOUGH.

I knew from the first stretch running down towards Brixton Water Lane that I wasn’t up for this.

I blame heavy sleep deprivation and a demanding work schedule during my Easter ‘holiday.’

I struggled up Cressingham for the first climb; I came close to walking it for the return visit.

Oh dear.

It didn’t help that Strava f-ed up. I thought that I stopped the recording at the finish line, but I only paused it.

Strava restarted.

I only noticed whilst I was stripping off at the lovely lido.

My official race time was a shocking 23′ 29″ – more than two minutes off a PB.


I was still 5th in my age cat – which tells you something about the millennial demographic for Brockwell.

The lovely lido was ACE.

You BEAUTY #lidolove

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Absolute pure Brockwell Blue in a refreshing twelve degrees. I came close to ditching the second swimming hat. Steven talked me out of such madness.

Twelve lengths followed, a little caravan sauna time, and then a poolside catch up with Adam.

I miss these Icicle socials. Weekdays are always a rush down at Lake Brockwell. It’s good to get a little more time at the weekends.

I necked a couple of bananas, and then out went the shout of:

“To le Velo!”

Oh Lordy.

I shouldn’t have done this. I knew that my body was b0rked.

But my opportunities to live out my track fantasies are rather slim these days.

Saturday morning skills session @hernehillvelodrome. Chapeau!

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I joined the midday Track Skills session, aka Not Quite the BIG BOY Burners.

And whaddya know?

I bloody OWNED the track.

Cycling is weird.

I felt fighting fit with each change of exercise.

I didn’t get dropped once. My time of the front actually led to some other riders heading back up the banking.


A brief clean up back in the flat, and then I cycled on to the South Bank.

BOOKS, innit #books

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@richardgallon and I have been sadly managing to avoid each other for six months or so.

We needed a good catch up.

Cameras were packed.

South Bank chilling #chilling #dude #bikes #poncegloves

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We settled in the end for sitting in the South Bank sun drinking National Theatre coffee.

The ride back through the back streets of Waterloo was weird. So much new cycling infrastructure has appeared of late.

It’s a little confusing at first to understand where you are being shunted. It sure beats the free for all that existed before.

In Sunny #Stockwell Rug News: #rug

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It was a rare His ‘n’ Hers evening in Sunny Stockwell. Anna rocked up with the rug early evening.

She had a korfball social engagement back in Waterloo; I had a run of full on work shifts.

There’s talk of returning to The Oval in the morning.


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